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Privacy policy

The website works in compliance with the Federal law No. 152-FZ "About personal information".

This Privacy policy is applied in that case when you visit or look through our site, are registered or pass authorization at a forum, participate in actions of the website, and also use some of its services.

Our policy

The administration of the website respects the right of users for informing concerning collecting their personal information and other operations with their use. When using data which can identify directly or indirectly you we use the principle of strict need.

For this reason we established settings of the website so that use of your personal data was minimized and answered the purpose for which your data are collected and/or processed. We do not demand input of personal information when we can provide services without their use (for example, in case of polls) or when other ways to identify you are possible.

This Privacy policy provides you all information necessary for adoption of the conscious decision concerning the personal data provided to us.

Agreeing with Privacy policy and, leaving the data on the website, way of filling of fields of the online application the User:

  • confirms that the data specified by it belong personally to it;
  • recognizes and confirms that he attentively and in full got acquainted with the real Policy;
  • recognizes and confirms that all provisions of the real Policy are clear to it;
  • agrees to processing by the Website of the provided data for identification of the User and communication with it;
  • expresses a consent with this Policy without any reservations and restrictions.

Use of personal information

Our resource collects and processed personal data of the users only for connected with use of this website and its services and are not at the disposal of the third parties.

Such personal information as user name, date of birth, the address e-mail, number in ICQ, a name in AOL, a homepage, the residence (the city, the country), interests, etc. are used only in case of need.

The consent to processing of personal information works until removal of your account by you. Removal of the account is made after the letter of inquiry to the address of administration of the website within 3 days.

The website does not bear responsibility for use (both lawful, and illegal) the third parties of information posted by the User on the Website including its reproduction and distribution which is carried out in all possible ways.

The website has the right to make changes to the real Policy. New edition of Policy comes into force from the moment of its placement if other is not provided by new edition of Policy.

Ways of collecting personal data

When you visit the site, some personal data can automatically be collected (by means of the so-called cookie files); for example, IP addresses of users and other data relating to a traffic of these users so automatically gather. These data and data are collected with the website directly and automatically, within implementation of operational functions.

You fill biographical particulars in the account (profile) of a forum at discretion.

Security measures

We took security measures for ensuring protection of personal data against casual or illegal destruction, casual loss, change, unauthorized disclosure or access, and also from all other illegal forms of data processing. In work of our website we use the most progressive scripts which are constantly renewed towards bigger safety.

Cookies files

Information can be automatically collected when using support of "cookies".

Cookie is a small text file which is saved by the server on which the web page, on the hard drive of the user is located. "Cookies" are not attached to your system and do not damage your files. If you do not wish that information was collected when using "cookies", you can use the simple procedure put in the majority of browsers which allows to refuse "cookies".

One of the main objectives of the cookie files is the saving of time of the user. Thanks to the cookie file the website will be able to restore specific settings of the user at his subsequent visits (for example, to begin viewing of a forum by that with unread you, etc.).

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