The Beginning

At all do not perceive this article, as a management or recommendations. It only the short description of the organisation of my house sound department.
People who have decided to be engaged in the composition and music creation in house conditions, will necessarily ask: "And with what all the same to begin and what for this purpose is necessary?"
I will tell fairly - prepare for daily laborious work lasting many hours behind the computer and be reserved by patience. Restless people, cannot simply work in such intense rate.
And so, I will begin that hearing presence first of all is necessary.
Presence of enough powerful computer with a good sound card and the processor is obligatory. But here all depends on that, how many you are ready to pay for comfortable work behind the computer and for quality of a material which as a result will turn out on an exit. Personally I use sound card Creative Sound Blaster ZXR (SB1510) PCI-Ex RET. Midi the keyboard or a synthesizer should have not less than 61 keys, for your convenience not to switch octave height. At me Korg microKEY2-37.
The basic program which I use, is Magix Music Maker 12 Deluxe (Eng). But I want to warn at once that in that variant in which this program, namely the built in samples and the samples going complete with it on additional disks is delivered, it will approach only for creation of elementary remixes as the built in and additional samples contain sounds only modern synthesizers. Therefore in the program I use samples in a format.wav own manufacture. VSTi I do not use essentially. For imposing of various effects on sounds and on a voice I in addition use Magix Sound Forge Pro 13.0 Suite. Well and in general, everyone has the right to decide to use what program to it. I have chosen from all programs with which should use, this (Magix Music Maker 12 Deluxe). It seemed to me that in it it is much more convenient to work. All functions, as they say, at hand, are caused by one right lick mice on object.
Very important role is played by acoustic systems which at you are established. An indispensable condition for their choice is the wooden case, I use usual columns from tape recorder-prefix -233. Their basic advantage-it one broadband dynamic head. At music listening on such columns all subtleties of a sound transmission are audible. At all do not use acoustics 5.1 as at stereosignal playing such acoustics distributes a sound on all channels so there are distortions especially on low frequencies.
Microphone choose only condenser if you in apartment do not have adaptations for sound insulation as dynamic microphones in such situation will write all noise, including work of CD/DVD of drives, fans. Personally I use studio condenser microphone Rode AI-1 Complete Studio.

Creation Of Songs

We open program Magix Music Maker 12 Deluxe. In the left bottom corner there is button "Synthesizer". Having pressed it, in this window there will be sets of samples on categories. Us two of them (for creation of music 80) interest only: "BeatBox.syn" and "Sampler.syn". The first are shock and everything that creates the rate, the second are sounds. The others do not approach us, as are intended for modern arrangements.
Personally I at first think out rate of the future composition: move a sample "BeatBox.syn" on working area in the top window. Thus the sample will be developed on width of a window. To increase its length simply the mouse extend it for a label in the end of a sample. Thus there will be a window "Drumkit" in which and it is necessary to edit a sample of the shock. There there are distributions on style of music and in each style there are types of shock and other sounds for rate creation. To create rate choose at the left the necessary sound and in a window of the editor on the right place rectangles. To listen that at you it has turned out, it is necessary to press button "Play" in the same window.
Following stage I move a sample "Sampler.syn". System here same, as well as in the previous sample. At first I choose in the developed list at the left this window any sound and I start to strum on the virtual keyboard, midi the keyboard or a synthesizer connected to the computer, music which I have composed. If all suited me, I place rectangles in the editor in conformity with rate of the shock. The more long a rectangle, the more for a long time a sound.
Having strummed a melody, I again move this sample from below already on the following path. By the way here about 96 paths (sounds) are supported. I start to select chords a sound which most was pleasant to me and which approaches for chords.
After chords by the same principle create other sounds.
For path editing by the built in equalizer or other numerous tools click on a path with the right button of the mouse and choose point "Equalizer" from the menu "Rack effects" or other tool from the revealing list.
After in your opinion your creation is ready, we start to mix (to bring loudness of each path to level necessary for you). For this purpose simply press the button below "Mixer". There will be a mixer window where to each path under numbers give necessary loudness and balance of channels. By the way here it is possible to connect and others VSTi foreign manufacturers.
The latest stage of your work lasting many days and, probably, the most pleasant, this mix of all paths in one file (a format it is possible to choose any). For this purpose press the button at the left above "Exports", choose a format and an appointment folder. And all-your creation is ready. Now he can be written down on a compact disc and to brag to friends, acquaintances or relatives.
If in my short management to you something became not clear, I with pleasure will answer all your letters and I will help with the decision of problems.

Copyright by Estimado