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   Dear performers with a bright and pure vocal and an excellent pronunciation, I consider your offers on cooperation regarding performance of my songs in English. The preference is given to a man's vocal. But there are also exceptions when female vocal approaches the concrete song.

   Because my project not commercial, cooperation is carried out exclusively on a grant basis. In case of the edition of songs the authorship of a vocal is without fail specified.

   Cooperation is carried out in the following order. You send me part of a soundtrack with your vocal, or give the reference to the website where it is possible to listen to its (vocal). In case of initial approval I send you part of the backing track consisting usually of a couplet, a refrain and loss and also the text file with verses (in separately stipulated cases you can write verses also on a grant basis, at the same time the authorship of words will be specified at the edition of a song too). You write down the vocal and the file of a soundtrack with voice in the maximum quality send me. After listening I make the decision on the beginning of the data or I carry out a correction of mistakes and I send you the specifications (wishes) for rewriting of a voice.

   After correction of all mistakes, defects and receiving a qualitative vocal the long and hard work over arrangement, the data and mastering begins.

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