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    This site is devoted music creation in style Euro Disco and Italo Disco presently by modern means. Already very few people remembers style Disco and Italo Disco, enjoying monotonous electronic "acid" which even music to name that difficult. In those far 80th years many of our generation loved this music. Houses gathered the companies at somebody or simply sat on shops in parks or at entrances of houses and listened to cartridges on portable tape recorders.

    Any friendly party never did without Modern Talking, Fancy and, of course, without remarkable collections The Best Of Italo Disco. In school discos we is dashing danced under stirring melodies Silent Circle, Bad Boys Blue, Mike Mareen. And remember our Soviet groups and executors: the Small Prince, Link sided movement, Sergey Minaev, the Stalker, The Mirage, Tender May, Rum Zhukov, Kostja Pahomov, Vladimir Shurochkin, Carolina, The Electronic Boy, Christina, the Sweet dream. But, probably, the biggest impression on us then was made by the Krasnogorsky disco - club "Disko-7". The big memoirs are cast by this music especially over those who under these gentle, lyrical tunes have met the first love, served in army or simply enjoyed life in the carefree and naive childhood.

    Now the few are happy owners of those synthesizers with which help this remarkable music was created, fondly believing that they it is more already never will be useful.

    I have decided to revive those magic sounds which in 80 simply bewitched little girls and boys, sounding practically from each window, from each booth of a sound recording. Therefore I have tried to create music 80 by means of sounds of those legendary synthesizers and the computer in house conditions. And it at me has turned out!!! Well and as it has turned out to judge already it to you.

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