Real name Sergey Troshchenkov. Was born on February, 26th, 1971. I live in Chelyabinsk, Russia. I have started to be engaged in music in 1985 when parents to me have bought my first tape recorder - "-211". If who remembers it there was a cassette monophonic tape recorder of the second class of complexity. After it has broken, to me have bought "-233.

I have started to collect audio of the cartridge. In those of year to buy the cartridge with qualitative record of any executor it was possible only in sound departments. Were then such booths like present grocery. Only columns stuck out of a window of such booth and on all street music played. It was some kind of advertising of new executors as on the TV drove only untwisted type Modern Talking, Boney M... I Remember even the prices for such production: the Japanese cartridge with record of 90 minutes cost 18 rbl., 1 minute of a stereo of record cost 10 copecks, mono records - 8 copecks.

Somehow to me Sergey Minaev's record has got and I have reflected, as it is possible to make that that similar. Computers in a life then there was very big rarity and I have thought up the following: took two tape recorders, one tape recorder I played the cartridge, other tape recorder put on record from a microphone stereo, and sang, thus my voice accumulated on old record and something turned out like Minaev Sergey. Only it is bad that the first voice from the original was sometimes listened. I composed verses.

I want to tell that in those of year my songs had the big success, especially in little girls for whom basically I and wrote as I composed verses in the spirit of Tender May. I studied at school 124 in the Northwest and was allocated among other pupils with that carried the black butterfly instead of a tie. From songs I wrote the verses on a school desk. The most interesting is was to read then reviews of my fans of them after several lessons there and then on a school desk. But the most important hobby of boys of that time it was radio hooliganism. There is nobody not a secret that radio was silent from 1.00 till. Here it was the present expanse for us. The most important thing - the amplifier is more powerful, yes direct hands to make the device for negotiations in "aether". It was necessary to tell very cheerfully. I left under call sign Savage. And before an exit always included one of the songs. It was my distinctive sign. So my songs sounded at night from each radio receiver in the Northwest and microdistricts which periodically connected at night to us.

In general of the songs on music of popular groups at me it was typed somewhere cartridges three. Unfortunately, any cartridge till today has not lived. With 1988 for 2001 at me was some kind of a creative break. And here when I in 2001 have bought the computer and have mastered all necessary programs for creation and music editing, I have started to compose music already at new level. On development of programs at me year has left exactly.

In 2002 I let out at the house studio the first album. An album I named Thanks For Music as it consisted of 8 tool compositions-remixes on known executors Italo Disco: Lian Ross, Savage, Modern Talking, Michael Bedford, Bad Boys Blue, Jules, Danuta and only last composition was my composition. To sing I did not try yet as for this purpose I did not have a necessary equipment, and itself somehow did not dare after the long years of a break.

To sing I The First Snow which has let out in the beginning of 2003 has tried in the second album. I also have sung a song Zhukov's Rums First snow on which itself has made a remix. The album has turned out double, on 5 compositions on each disk. The composed themes different in styles and directions have entered into this album already all purely me. Here both fate-n-rol, and an eurodisco, and a techno and even two slow compositions. I develop design of all covers for the disks itself personally.

In the end of 2003 I have let out the third disk under the name "Day And Night". The album is executed in mode Non-Stop, that is each song smoothly passes in another. In this album I have executed 3 songs. One song I have executed from the same repertoire Zhukov's Rums I love you, girls on which has made an excellent remix in style the electrician boogi. Two other songs are purely my product of creativity. 6 compositions have entered into an album. On this compact disc also you will find an unpretentious videoclip on my song But snow will thaw.

In July, 2005 there was my fourth double album under the name "Old in a new fashion". Following remixes There have entered: a remix on Jura Shatunov Pink evening, to Kostja Pahomov I wish good luck, Jura Shatunov "Letter", a remix on Zhukov's Rum a dream Dust, remixes on music from a film "Titanic", a remix on group the Stalker "Without you", on group the Small prince "I do not know a remix, what for to me you" and a remix on Savage "Don't Cry Tonight". Has sung, naturally, I. Into an album have entered and it is pure me the composed compositions.

In June, 2005 I have let out the fifth under the account a disk "Karaoke" with karaoke versions - remixes on the most popular Soviet groups and executors of 80th years: Tender May, the Stalker, Christina Corp., Rum Zhukov, the Small prince, Jura of Rods, the Sweet dream, Alexey Glyzin, Freestyle. In May, 2006 I had been finished a remix on Yura Taushankov's song "Share". Yury Taushankov the amateur performer, the winner of the All-Russia competition of a military-patriotic song "Russian character". The album with the same name "Share" is completely devoted the events occurring in the Chechen Republic. In January, 2007 I have let out some singles for the new album under the name "a separation Rain". The fourth song and is called "a separation Rain". Arrangement to this song and, by the way, to all the rest, is made exclusively of sounds of synthesizers of 80th years, and synthesizers which used such groups as Tender May, the Sweet dream, the Mirage.

In April, 2008 there was my debut high-grade album in style 80 "A Separation Rain".

On November, 14th, 2009 I have finished work on data of the second album in style 80 "Winter Night". In this album you learn at once legendary sounds of such Soviet and western groups of 80th years, as Freestyle, Christina, The Mirage, Tender May, Savage, projects Axel Breitung.

On July, 17th, 2012 in Spain there was my first vinyl disk with two singles: "Help Me" and "When We In Illusion", and also my first compact disc "Help Me-First Album".

On August, 24th, 2012 In Germany on Label ZYX there was collection ZYX Italo Disco New Generation Vol. 1 where two my songs "Rain Of Love" - the original version and "When We In Illusion" - the version specially made for ZYX have entered.

On April, 05th, 2013 In Germany on Label ZYX there was collection ZYX Italo Disco New Generation Vol. 2 where my song "You Can Fly" - the version specially made for ZYX has entered.

On July, 12th, 2013 In Germany on Label ZYX there was collection ZYX Italo Disco New Generation Boot Mix, where the song "You Can Fly" - the version specially made for ZYX has entered.

On October, 11th, 2013 in Germany on Label ZYX there was collection ZYX Italo Disco New Generation Vol. 3 where my song "Love Flay Your Way".

On February, 04th, 2014 in Spain on label Five4it Records there was my second compact disc "Come Back To My World".

On March, 28th, 2014 in Germany on Label ZYX there was collection ZYX Italo Disco New Generation Vol. 4 where my song "I Bridge New Life".

On August, 15th, 2014 in Germany on Label ZYX there was collection ZYX Italo Disco New Generation Boot Mix 2 where my songs have entered: "Love Flay Your Way" and "I Bridge New Life".

On September, 5th, 2014 in Germany on Label ZYX there was collection ZYX Italo Disco New Generation Vol. 5 where my song "Yes You One" has entered.

On January 22, 2016 in Germany on the Label of ZYX there was my new album "Here I Am".

On March, 04th, 2016 in Germany on Label ZYX there was collection ZYX Italo Disco New Generation Vol. 8 where my song "Here I Am".

On September, 30th, 2016 in Poland on the Label of Pokorny Music Solutions there was a collection New Italo Disco Music 1, where my song "Your Eyes" entered.

On June 12, 2017 in Poland on a label of Analog Language there was my new album "Escape To Heaven".

On August 23, 2017 in Finland on the Label of Flashback Records there was a collection Rebirth Records Present - The New Generation Vol. 3 where my song "Without You" entered.

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